SIGÁL is an ethically crafted, statement resortwear collection that fuses its founder’s tropical upbringing in Venezuela, gilt-edged taste in art, and training as a textile designer. The collection features vibrant colors and whimsical prints strewn across effortless, bohemian silhouettes made with natural fibers including lotus, linen, cotton, and silk. Each season presents new interpretations of cultures from remote destinations filtered through SIGÁL’s fantastical lense.

The brand’s founder and designer Sigal Cohen Wolkowiez imbues her designs with the energy of her hometown Caracas, Venezuela. The capital city’s bright lights, lively colors, lush nature, and Latin music each impart their influence on the collection. Her pragmatic, signature styles—Wrap skirts and easy-to-wear, multi-functional kimono cover-ups— are at once inspired by her roots and her adopted home in Miami, Florida.



Miami-based, Venezuelan designer, Sigal Cohen Wolkowiez is the sole creative force behind her namesake label SIGÁL. In 2008, Wolkowiez (a trained graphic designer) completed a Printed Textiles Program at London's Royal College of Art. Immediately after graduating from the program, she began handcrafting textiles with motifs including watercolor prints, ink illustrations, and collage techniques for various clients in the fashion industry.

In 2015, Wolkowiez decided to strike out on her own and launch SIGÁL to express her universe of color and textiles in an authentic way. Her visual language is informed by the cultural idiosyncrasies of her native country from the tropical landscape to indigenous fauna. The digitally printed textiles in each of Wolkowiez’s collections are inspired by a far-flung location enriched by her personal library of references.



SIGÁL’s recognizable prints are meticulously created from hand-painted watercolor and ink-based art conceived by Wolkowiez. These energetic works are created in a serendipitous fashion. Relying on emotions and improvisation, the designer creates impulsive strokes with a brush soaked in water and paint in a process she refers to as “blind painting.” Her marks eventually become more intentional, resulting in motifs that merge watercolors with bold marker traces.

Inspired by simplistic references including marine life, tropical flowers, and utilitarian garments, Wolkowiez transforms the everyday element of her life into spectacular sights by way of detailed digital craftsmanship. The backgrounds of SIGÁL textiles are rooted in Miami’s Art Deco architecture. The garment then becomes a blank canvas on which each design element is intentionally positioned.

Wolkowiez’s signature tropical maximalism is crafted with textiles made from organic fibers and sustainable, responsibly sourced materials. Transparency—a value central to SIGAL’s ethos—is conveyed through an open creative and manufacturing process as seen on the brand’s social media channels, so that consumers are educated about and emotionally connected to their purchase. SIGÁL is designed in Miami and produced responsibly by certified manufacturers in Ludhiana, India that obtained the Global Organic Textile Standard and Organic Content Standard certifications.